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The most common problems with double glazing is sealed units failing, doors and windows dropping and locks/catches breaking 

Sealed units have only been around since the 1970s and the early units are more prone to faults than the latest models. Over the years we have repaired or replaced many windows in the Northampton area. Modern manufacturing processes have greatly improved the longevity of double glazing, and modern replacement windows should last for many years.

A unit is generally comprised of two pieces of glass, a spacer bar filled with silica(which, separates the glass and absorbs the moisture during manufacturing, and a rubber seal around the edge which is supposed to trap the air)or sometimes the gas argon is used inside. It is often implied that the inside is a vacuum which is false because there would be no volume and the glass would implode

The main reason for units to fail is generally down to the manufacture or installation, and nothing the home owner has done. However, there are occasions where units can crack on their own accord, often because of differences in temperature between the glass inside and the glass outside the house. This is especially true in humid rooms like bathrooms and kitchens but, these cracks can be easily avoided. How? Don't place any large surface area items up against the glass because if heat emerges it can cause cracks.

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